Hola Chilly!

I figured this might be easier than sending a list of links that you’ve got to click thru, and didn’t see any easy way to embed them in an email. So … this page, on my old freelance business blog.

This is my 1st whack at what I figure I might send/retweet from the El Sonido account. Let me know your thoughts.

It’s all really just retweets, maybe with some “quote tweet” comments. I really don’t have any content here that specifically relates to anything you’ve played on the show, but just some stuff I think fans of the show might be interested in.

You can shoot me a response via email (kenschiele@gmail.com), or we can meet up again @ kexp to discuss next steps (that 5pm time works great for me most days).



1. Nacional Records!


3. Big Fan of Cati Estrada here. Lovely person, Fantastic Art. She did that KEXP collection cover too … vol.2, right?

4. Worst cinematography ever, but … Sound great!

5. Some really beautiful slabs o’ vinyl here! Blue Splatter FTW

6. Yeah, I really like Munster Records.

7. July in Extremadura – sounds like a hot, sweaty fun festival.

8. I’m getting over my knee-jerk reaction to follow anything that says “Fania” or “Hector Lavoe” – but just. This youtube series won’t help.

9. I would re-tweet just about anything, always from Anita Tijoux, except for the content might start to skew a bit political. But definitely will retweet some (my Spanish is terrible, but I can run things thru Google Translate to make sure I’m not tweeting anything too incendiary. 😉

10. Did I mention I like reissue labels? And crate digging? What a find this would be ….

11. But this is ridiculous. Sounds good, but – $1000? Fun fact – my last phone, before my smart phone: Had a guaguanco riff as it’s ring-tone. Name of the phone: Guaguanco. Love that word.

12. Random, topical & who doesn’t love GIFs. I probably wouldn’t schedule this tweet, but worth a retweet if I was online when it hit. Maybe a bit too snarky/negative?